PerMicro – Microcredit in Italy

Who we are

PerMicro is a company specialised in microcredit.
It was born in Torino but operates in the whole of Italy. It is the first and the only Italian microcredit company that professionally manages all the different phases in a micro company project: scouting, preliminary inquiry, risk assumption, follow up.
The company is sponsored by two social Foundations and belongs to the Italian and international network of microfinance organizations whose objective is to offer microcredit as a tool for local development and an opportunity for individual of familiar growth for people with temporary economic difficulties.
The company finances up to 25.000 Euro for companies or families, and it is designed for people who do not have an easy access to traditional bank credits.
The loans are suitable for Italian or foreign citizens who wish to start or develop an activity, or to freelance workers or employees in response to essential financial needs.

What we offer

Business Microcredit
It is a loan suitable for Italian or foreign citizens who wish to start or develop an activity and are not eligible for traditional bank credits.
In order to obtain the loan no warranties are requested but the following is needed:

  • to have a good business plan
  • to have the appropriate technical and entrepreneurial skills to develop it
  • to count on a reference network that can morally guarantee the microentrepreneur

The moral guarantee means that the person requesting the loan must be part of an association, a church or an ethnic community that are ready to guarantee their reliability and seriousness and who will work with us to help the micro entrepreneur develop the activity.
Amount: Up to 25.000 Euro refundable in monthly rates.
Main features: PerMicro offers guidance to the entrepreneur during the writing of the business plan and the following development phases, for the entire duration of the financing.

Family Microcredit

It is a personal loan for employees and workers in response to urgent financial needs for the house, the health or assistance. In order to obtain the loan it is necessary to have:

Steady income
Identity card
Tax identification number
Residency permit
Temporary or permanent work contract
Amount: Up to 10.000 Euro. Transparent and competitive conditions.
Main features: free advice on financial matters, training on credit and loans.


For further information or to book an appointment:
800 165953 – +39 011658778