9° Conferenza annuale EMN

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Si svolge a Bucarest l’8 e 9 Novembre 2012 la conferenza annuale dell’European Microfinance Network – EMN – di cui PerMicro fa parte anche come membro del board direttivo.

Il titolo dell’edizione 2012 è “Building sustainable microfinance in Europe” clicca qui per il programma completo!


The European Microfinance Network (EMN) is holding its 9th Annual Conference in Bucharest on the 8-of November 2012. The EMN Conference will focus on how to build a sustainable Microfinance Industry in Europe and will serve as a platform for debate, learning and exchange experiences between practitioners.

A number of European Microfinance providers have been successful in building institutions that reach out to large numbers of clients while attaining operational sustainability in a relatively short period of time.

What have been the drivers for such success?

  • Embracing entrepreneurship in fast developing economies?
  • Building upon the experience of credit unions and savings cooperatives?
  • Reaching out to the rural population as well as urban clients?
  • Implementing modern IT and MIS systems in their organizations?
  • Investing continuously in staff development?

The EMN Conference will focus on analyzing the lessons that Microfinance providers can learn from sustainable organizations, in particular, focusing on how such MFIs have grown as organizations and reach large numbers of clients. Participants will also explore if these lessons can be applied in their own context.