An ad hoc Methodology for Social Impact and Social Performance Measurement

Social Impact

Created in 2007, PerMicro is specialised in microcredit. Initially only operating in Turin, PerMicro now operates in 12 Italian regions and has 16 branches. It is the first Italian microcredit company that professionally manages all phases of a micro company project: scouting, preliminary inquiry, risk assumption, and follow up. PerMicro finances up to 25,000 EUR for companies or up to 10,000 EUR for families and is designed for people who do not have easy access to traditional bank credits.

Since 2015, PerMicro has been measuring its social impact by defining an ad hoc methodology with the support of the Centro Tiresia of Politecnico di Milano. At the same time, PerMicro also underwent several other standardised certifications / ratings.

The European Microfinance Network asked PerMicro to write a Good Practice on this topic, with the following objective: to demonstrate the usefulness and the need to measure impact and social performance through standardised methodologies (as requested by some stakeholders), as well as the importance of defining and using an ad hoc methodology for measuring social impact in terms of output, outcome and impact.

If you are interested in reading the good practice, you can download here the document.