Finance for food: ultimo appuntamento a Expo 2015


Ultimo appuntamento del ciclo di incontri Finance for Food a EXPO 2015 presso Cascina Triulza, promossi da RITMI e dal Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile, con l’obiettivo di evidenziare buone pratiche di microfinanza e finanza responsabile per la filiera agroalimentare, a livello nazionale e internazionale.


“Microfinanza nella promozione di risorse rinnovabili e protezione della catena alimentare”
Promosso da Microfinanza SRL
17 settembre 2015 – h 14:30
Workshop 100
Cascina Triulza, EXPO 2015 Milano

This seminar will explore how green microfinance initiatives and value chain finance should go “hand in hand” in providing adapted financial products and services to meet the needs of the producers, service providers, clients and consumers.
The workshop will begin by introducing some ongoing and key initiatives at European level and other key experiences in non-European countries with speeches from representatives of the European microfinance industry, leaving room for exchange among the participants on “how a good management of the food value chain must include adapted new and green microfinance tools”.

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